Extension of insurance policy

Extension of insurance policy 澳门新金沙官网线上

Thank you for your choice of Hao run interactive intelligent tablet. In addition to the standard warranty period, we sincerely recommend extended warranty service to you in order to provide more satisfactory customer service.

Service characteristics:

You can enjoy the extension of warranty only if you pay a specific fee.

Free replacement of Hao run product parts;

The service guarantee of the professional certification engineer;

The maintenance quality guarantee, reduce the failure time and the number of times;

Equipment back to factory maintenance to provide backup machine support, do not interrupt your use;

Through the extended warranty service, users can not only save maintenance costs, but also extend the service life of equipment and remove the worries behind the equipment.

For further understanding of extended warranty service products, please call Hao run customer service telephone 400-609-7286, we will provide you with special answers.